Clinical Skills USA: Teaching the patient-centered skills required in serving the good health of men and women of all ages.


We are committed to the active promotion of “patient-centered” healthcare for all men and women. Our objective is to provide instructional assistance to practicing and future healthcare professionals in fulfilling their responsibility for promoting and providing comprehensive, sensitive clinical care and health promotion.

We believe that regular, comprehensive physical exams are an important element supporting healthy lifestyle practices for both men and women. We recognize that the benefits of such health assessments go beyond the clinical exam itself, but also include patient education and familiarizing the patient with the healthcare system.

We believe that it is the responsibility of our healthcare system to encourage both men and women to seek regular comprehensive physical exams, beginning between the ages of 15 and 21.

We believe that routine comprehensive health assessments should include a complete health history, and a gender-specific physical examination involving either a female breast and pelvic exam, or a male urogenital exam. A male prostate exam should be performed when it is age-appropriate, considering pertinent health risk factors.

We believe that the application of “Guiding Patients” (GTAs and MUTAs) is the superior method for teaching the invasive clinical skills associated with the comprehensive gynecologic and male urogenital examinations. Properly trained “Guiding Patients”, will guide the student with instruction and feedback, as the student applies these skills utilizing the body of the instructor, under low-risk conditions.  We believe that learning these critical skills strictly with manikins, untrained models, and/or clinical patients fails to offer these important benefits.

We will support the educational institutions we serve by providing  professional training services and support materials to facilitate these noble efforts.