Clinical Skills USA is proud to offer its institutional partners a variety of services that may be customized to meet their unique educational objectives.

Gynecological and Male Urogenital Exam
Instruction and SKILLS Assessment

  • Didactic instruction

  • Practicum instruction (independent or preceptor-assisted)

  • OSCE skills assessment

  • Recruiting, screening and training in-house Guiding Patients

  • Full management of teaching events, including scheduling, onsite coordination, actual instruction, quality assurance, post-evaluation

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Training and Competency Assessment Support

  • Vaginal speculum instruction

  • Victim simulation for forensic evidence collection training eg. history-taking, physical evidence collection, counseling

  • Victim simulation for observed competency assessments

Ultrasound Training Support

  • Physical modeling for female pelvic and male urogenital ultrasound training

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Training Support

  • Physical modeling for female and male pelvic floor therapy training

Simulated Designed Outcomes (SDO) Training and Skills Assessment:
Standardized Patients

  • Referral of female and male “Standardized Patients” for simulated role-play applied to training and skills assessment.

  • Supporting simulated learning and assessment in the following fields: medical, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary, counseling, legal, theology, sales, customer service


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